Páramo Shop In Shop

A closer look at our new range of Paramo clothing

Páramo Shop In Shop

Reynolds outdoor centre is now an official shop in shop for the clothing brand Paramo. The clothes produced are of the highest quality and are made in a unique way, using Nikwax directional technologies, to be the best at keeping you as comfortable in a shopping centre as you would be climbing a mountain. What does being a shop in shop mean for us, though? It means that we have an extesive selection of Paramo clothing that you can come in and try, or if you don’t like the colour of the jacket, gillet or top we can get in different colours for you. Or if you see a style on the website you like you can have us order it in for you. Paramo clothing is cleverly engineered to be as good as possible at whatever you buy the item for. Here are a few examples of the clothes we have in store.

Velez Jacket

Velez jacketThe Velez Jacket uses the Analogy Waterproof system. This system  is marked by the distinctive patch that has been sewn on to the jacket. The way it works is by mimicking the way animal fur works by layering waterproof protection. The inner layer is a light downy material that allows moisture to leave the body. The next layer is a dense microfiber, known as the pump lining, that pushes water directionally outwards so that any moisture trapped in released. Finally the last layer is the windproof outer layer. For a more detailed look at the Analogy technology please watch the video below.







Bentu Fleece

Bentu fleece

The Bentu fleece uses the Nikwax Fleece system and is treated to be water repellant. Lightweight, with a light stretch this fleece is designed to be as comfortable as possible to wear.










Everything in this article is available in store. Feel free to come in and have a look at our new range of Paramo products.

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