Heritage & Classic

Much of the clothing we sold a generation ago can now be seen in many a high street store. Made popular by many a cult band and music genre heritage clothing such as Harrington Jackets, Pilots Jackets, Doc Martin Boots, Desert Boots, and Fishtail Parkas to name but a few remain an integral part of current fashion trends. Product ranges that we continue to sell to this day.  

As well as these Heritage lines there is also a whole selection of army and military surplus. Use for enthusiasts weekends, work, fancy dress or whatever your needs.


Military & Army Surplus

It all started by selling Government and Military Surplus. We continue to sell a comprehensive range of Army Surplus and work wear, supplying regular members of the Services, Territorial Army and Cadets. This surplus equipment  attracts collectors and enthusiasts of both British, European and American Forces and those just wanting surplus clothing whatever their needs or requirements.

This surplus gear is complemented by a whole range of more up to date gear and equipment for those who need current product. From technical clothing to combat any weather or equipment for surviving the harshest of conditions.



Developed for the rigorous demands of today’s work force our technical work wear products incorporate state-of-the-art fabric and delivers both functionality and comfort for any project no matter its demands.

Built with the worker in mind, this collection delivers all-day comfort and ease of movement giving you the fit you deserve. Enough pockets to keep your important tools at hand and versatility to meet the demands of the job.

Complement this with a pair of safety boots or shoes from our range of full footwear.

Country & Field Sports

When participating in Country pursuits there can be no compromise on gear.

Country garments are not only waterproof, windproof and breathable but when the outside temperature changes your body temperature needs to remain stable after spending hours in the forest or mountains.

Products in this category have a number of special details designed for country pursuits. Everything from silent fabrics, to special pockets. Feel at home in the wilderness. 

Expedition & Camp

Whatever your expedition, at home or abroad, organised by Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, World Challenge or just yourself and a few friends, it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

To tackle the challenges along the way you will need gear and equipment to cope with the harshest of environments. Equipment that is designed to be used in the hottest conditions or the coldest climates it all has to be chosen correctly for the weather and environment that you are likely to encounter. Choose from either kit lists that may be supplied, or from our range of carefully chosen gear and equipment you will find everything you need.


Snow Sports & Alpine

Perfectly prepared ski runs, outstanding turns and exhilaration on the slopes. Our winter sports and alpine products are packed with functions and ingenious solutions to give you the best days on the slopes, when carving down your favourite run, sitting on ice cold ski lifts, or standing on the highest peak. Ski and mountaineering gear that has everything that you need in order to feel on top of the world

Clothing that protects you against the elements and provide both comfort and a sense of freedom when cruising down the mountain side and gear that gives you confidence to tackle any slope. Alpine and ski products that tolerate the hardest of use.

Hiking & Trail

Whether you are heading out for a leisurely ramble, walk in the woods or a long trail then you will be needing clothes and equipment to stand up to the demands of the weather.

Clothing will need to be waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm during some seasons and light, quick drying and cool in others.

The weather changes quickly which is why it is important for your equipment to be flexible so that you can handle the conditions, no matter what it may be. Gear that you can use to walk, eat, sleep, or camp in any season.

Lifestyle & Travel

Our Lifestyle and Travel clothing range is made up of smart casuals offering protective properties of technical clothing. These allow you to dress for any occasion but still be prepared for all kinds of weather.  Smart, simple and always well dressed.

Our Trek and Travel clothing is complemented by a range of gear and accessory products which are designed to provide optimum protection and comfort regardless of activity or weather. From Bags and Luggage, Security, Sleep, Wash and Cook.